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Maureen Hunter

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My journey and what was to become Esdeer started 4 years ago in Coral Bay in Western Australia. At that time I was reeling from the devastating loss of my 18 year old son and I had 'escaped' to the sun and sand to process my grief and allow myself some healing time. Part of that involved long periods of contemplation and reflection and it became very clear to me then that I would use my own experience of grief to help others......the idea for Esdeer had become solid.

I am committed to using that experience to inspire, support and help others to overcome adversity and now do this in a number of ways:

Provide resources and information on topics such as grief, healing, resilience and spirituality which assists in adapting to grief

Help bereaved parents and others who are struggling with a sense of guilt and hopelessness, to find comfort, hope and inspiration in their lives

Development of Stepping through Grief programmes.

Make readily accessible a range of sympathy and comforting gifts to acknowledge grief and provide comfort

Donate a percentage of profits to help other bereaved families

Volunteer for The Compassionate Friends (a worldwide support organization helping bereaved families

My passion is to use my life experience to help others overcome adversity in their lives, particularly in relation to grief.

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It can be so very reassuring to know you are not the only one. It is so very painful to feel that no-one understands. It makes us feel very alone and very vulnerable, as if something is wrong with

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