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Ginger Lee Bull, author and illustrator, brought her love of writing and painting together in her children's books series, "Ginger Lady Bug's Adventures", The Stream, Morro Bay by the Sea and The Blossom Trail. Each book is filled with vibrant water color pictures on full spread pages that can be viewed on her website. The Stream takes the reader into a world that encourages children to look for adventures in the world around them and to help those less fortunate than themselves. Morro Bay by the Sea is an actual place to visit on the central coast in California, and is filled with fact through fictional characters. In The Blossom Trail the readers are given a glimpse of orchards filled with color acre after acre during the month of February in Fresno County, California. This too is a place that many people from around the world visit year after year. A brief discription of how the honey bees pollinate the blossoms and make honey is done with imaginary characters Macy and Mallory, twin honey bees. The Blossom Trail gives children a peek into the world of how fruit grows in this fun filled story. The "Ginger Lady Bug's Adventures" series can be found at her web site. Ginger is in the final stages of having her first novel "House of Changing Tides" published. This will be her fourth published book and she has attempted to paint the story with words rather than watercolor. Updates on the release date can be found at gingerleebull website.

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