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Ariana Pritchett

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A recovering adrenaline junky and busy-aholic, Ariana Pritchett spent her life at a record breaking speed until the birth of her son forced her to slow down. A now urban farmer, lifestyle coach, and simplicity queen, Ariana is on a mission is to manifest simplicity and ease in our fast paced world; where creating space, living full, and being you, are all one in the same.

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I have become incredibly curious about ways to reduce stress and "crazy" and to support our culture to stop thinking that this is a "normal" state of being. But changing a cultural belief takes time

Self Improvement> Stress Management l 2 years ago

I'd like to believe that most people know our earth is in a bit of a crisis, but I find that many people choose to not do a thing about it because it seems too complicated. Here are my tried and true

Home Improvement> Green Living l 2 years ago

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