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Joshua Clayton

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I am a professional freelance writer with over fifteen years experience who lives in Inglewood, California. I work in Gardena, California as a part-time senior citizens volunteer for the city of Gardena, California. I have a background in Philosophy (of which I majored in college and University, Cal State Dominguez Hills University and El Camino College), and have read and understood all major philosophers including, Plato, Aristotle, Nietzsche, Freud and Ayn Rand. But I only agree with Aristotle and Ayn Rand and the more rationally honest parts of Nietzsche's and George Santayana's naturalist philosophy. I also understand Georg W.F. Hegel, Baruch Spinoza and love the works of Dr. Robert Anthony (I met him years ago at a seminar with my Mother, not only a nice guy, but a wonderfully effective philosophy). A little more about myself however, life has made me a deep and detailedly honest thinker and integrated action taker as a whole. And I approach my life as an honest professional and no other way. I got that aspect of myself from my Father who approached life the same way, with honesty, dignity and professionalism. Sure there is more to me than that, but that entails my basic approach to life. Honesty and rationality are my main key words and I will use them in the four to seven key words that describe me and my uniqueness. In my writing, reality, honesty and applicability are key in every genuine and honestly intellectual positive action-oriented way. I'll sum it up in a very loose, colloquial way with even a little slang: "If it ain't good, I don't write it." Sure, it seems like a crude way of putting it until you understand the context of it and the depth of the way I mean it. Sure, slang may seem like Garth Hudson throwing away his classical music career on rock and roll. But, consider this: Like he said in the movie "The Last Waltz": "They say jazz is evil, but some of the greatest healers are jazz musicians. They could punch through the most healing artistry." That's how I feel about what I do in a nutshell, and I love it in every genuine way, that is what counts. I punch through the most powerful, healing, honest material and writing in every way.

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Cause and effect is the main accounting system of life and existence. The rest of this article will just fill in the blanks left by this very first sentence. Sure, life is a game, and productive,

Arts & Entertainment> Philosophy l 2 years ago

What is normal anyway? If there was a genuine way to gauge normal, then the genuinely strange would be acceptable and even interesting. But, since there is not any such thing as normal, it is what

Arts & Entertainment> Humor l 2 years ago

Our results are up to us, not any outside force, even God, nature or otherwise. If you are interested in doing what needs to be done to get what you want, read on.

Self Improvement> Affirmations l 2 years ago

Everything in the physical universe has its beginning in an idea. Beyond that, thought, action and work make all miracles.

Self Improvement> Abundance Prosperity l 2 years ago

Winning is good, but not always. When you beat out someone irrationally or destructively, it tarnishes the winning aspect of what has been done, even if it is totally successful. In the opening

Arts & Entertainment> Humanities l 2 years ago

Recently, I saw a teleseminar by Brian Tracy about the book "Kiss That Frog" and it gave me an idea for an article on better communication and more powerful "getting across to people". Here is the

Writing & Speaking> Teleseminars l 2 years ago

To put it in a Christian perspective, yet universally applicable sense: To them that have, more will be given and to them that do not have, what little they have will be taken away. We are magnets.

Self Improvement> Affirmations l 2 years ago

The most powerful and productive state of being is genuine triumph, especially when you are consciously in control and genuinely thinking. For conscious triumph is the epitome of power. Unconscious

Self Improvement> Inspirational l 2 years ago

Before I really begin, I would like to tell you what I mean by a good risk. A good risk is a risk that shakes things up a bit; it is a risk that does not potentially destroy your life, it just makes

Self Improvement> Innovation l 3 years ago

Think about it, without matter to how ridiculous anything may seem; nothing can be applied to reality without matter to how unusual it seems. Let me explain that concept.

Self Improvement> Innovation l 3 years ago

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