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Don Goodman has over 15 years experience in career development and marketing and has helped thousands of individuals get their dream jobs. He is currently President of About Jobs, a full-service resume writing and job search assistance firm.

Don has been a Featured Keynote Speaker at dozens of Job Fairs, Executive Conferences, and State Agency events. He has been interviewed numerous times on radio and television regarding employment issues. He has also been quoted in hundreds of articles throughout the United States including the Star Ledger, Bergen Record, NY Times, Washington Post, Philadelphia Inquirer, Computerworld, Infoworld, PC Age, Woman Today, New Jersey Monthly, the Wall Street Journal's National Business Employment Weekly as well as numerous online job boards.

Don has worked with the Career Placement Services of Johns Hopkins University, Clark University, Fairleigh Dickinson University and The Chubb Institute where he oversaw the job placement efforts of over 10,000 graduates per year. He also managed a Professional Services Division providing consultants and full-time hires to local firms through national teams of recruiters.

Don has interviewed hundreds of hiring executives to determine hiring trends and what they look for in a candidate. Additionally, Don has partnered with Hewitt Associates, a global consulting and outsourcing firm specializing in human resource solutions, to discuss Strategic Staffing with Fortune 500 companies.

Don is a graduate of the Wharton School of Business and Commerce as well as Stanford University's Executive Program. In addition to his extensive career assistance experience, Don served as Chief Marketing Officer for a variety of high-tech firms.

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