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Robert Hayes-McCoy

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Robert Hayes-McCoy is one of Ireland's leading direct marketing copywriters. He is the winner of many national and international awards for direct marketing including, the best of American Echo Award, Best of Europe Fedma Awards, Best of Ireland IDMA Awards and many more.

He is the owner of the online speech website He is the author of the popular direct marketing copywriting book: Persuasive Direct Marketing - What You Say and How You Write it.

He is also the author of many Ebooks including 'A best Man's Lifesaver' and 'Great Poetry for Great Speeches.

He is a founding member of the Irish Direct Marketing Association (IDMA) and he training course on direct marketing copywriting are in constant demand.

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As a marketing copywriter I always find that Thursday is not a great day for sending out business emails... my advice to you is go for Tuesday or Wednesday! That's right! Write it down... "when

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