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Dr Kipp A Van Camp

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Dr. Van Camp began his medical career practicing family medicine in Weston, Missouri, doing everything that family practitioners do, from delivering babies to pediatrics to elder care. Soon after, he completed a residency in diagnostic radiology at Oklahoma State University in Tulsa, followed by a fellowship in interventional radiology at Washington Hospital Center in Washington, DC.

Dr. Van Camp's entrepreneurial spirit and his passion for healing led him to pursue and found a variety of health-centric ventures. He is a co-owner of radiology practices in Kansas City, Missouri and Topeka, Kansas. Dr. Van Camp is owner and Medical Director of Rejuvenate Medical Spa, providing minimally invasive cosmetic medical procedures. He serves as an adjunct professor at Washburn University and the University of Kansas. Dr. Van Camp also engages in clinical and scientific medical research, and serves as the Medical Director of Precise Clinical Research.

His extensive life experiences combined with a constant study of and research on topics of interest have given Dr. Van Camp the knowledge and insight to address a wide variety of health-related topics. An accomplished presenter with a relaxed yet thought-provoking approach, Dr. Van Camp has been a sought-after public speaker since 1999.    In addition to his medical, entrepreneurial and speaking engagements, Dr. Van Camp is a published author. His most recent work, Always Allie, shares the story of how a feisty Bichon Frise transformed his life while exploring the bonds between humans and animals; the book is nearing its second release.

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