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Bernard Yao

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Bernard Yao works in the Information Technology industry as a consultant. He spends hours advocating and solving his clients' business requirements. He spends some of the time working on his Internet Marketing business. However, he tries real hard to maintain a healthy work and life balance and spends his recreational time with his wife, cat named Maxwell, and a Doberman named Tobey. He operates a home pets information website called The site is dedicated to providing the online pet owner community useful tips for those interested in raising happy and healthy pets.

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It's always important to engage in a bit of research before you decide to invest your time, money and effort in something. The same goes for getting a pet. There are certainly a lot of potential

Pets> Birds l 2 years ago

Fishes make awesome pets to get. They are easier to care for compared to other traditional pets like dogs, cats as well as other domesticated animals. One of the most irritating things that you have

Pets> Fish l 2 years ago

Cats are just like dogs which is why they are the second choice for a pet. Many people consider taking care of cats but the thing is, people do not know how to potty train their cats. In case you

Pets> Cats l 2 years ago

Children love to give all sorts of names to their pets, and that even includes fish.  Despite them not being as responsive as a dog or cat is, nor as interactive and sociable, they still deserve to

Pets> Fish l 2 years ago

Are you planning to have a pet iguana? Then you better prepare yourself first to learn all the things that you need to learn about being a responsible pet iguana owner. This way, you will be taking

Pets> Reptiles Amphibians l 2 years ago

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