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Kenneth Dockins

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Author, Kenneth G. Dockins, is also life coach, online consultant, webmaster and owner operator of the American First Choice web site at Through this and his other personal self development related sites, Ken helps others to gather accurate information about the best products that help people improve home life, business, personal, and social enjoyment.

Additionally, Ken can write great content for you on niche topics of your choice, in a quick, reliable fashion... and surely help you build a significant online presence without breaking your budget.

Ken's specialties include English language proofing and editing, interpersonal communication, plus helping to explain the ease and application of computer technology in helping you grasp stronger business skills, reach desired personal goals, improve your confidence, happiness, and overall life success.

Use the site link listed above to discover a variety of surprising personal growth tools you can use for boosting self confidence and maximizing the many aspects of life enjoyment.

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