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Jackie Verdier

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I was in the motor industry at senior management level for nearly 20 years.Then I moved and concentrated on finance and insurance. I am a very busy mummy of two small children and am now Director of Aequitas Automotive Limited. I am upfront (for some people too upfront ) and honest in my private and business life, which I know does not work for everyone but it works for me. My two small children ground me and give me a extra dimension. I also love reading anything and everything and in another life would have been a novelist

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Motor homes are expensive with even modestly valued vehicles in excessive of fifty thousand pounds. With that said the sale of motor homes even in today's economic climate seem to be bucking the tend

Insurance> Car Auto l 2 years ago

It is quite popular almost trendy to dislike your insurance company. After all with rising premiums at a time when we are all looking to economise the additional cost can be significant. So is it

Insurance> Car Auto l 2 years ago

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