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Jason S Armstrong

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Board Certified in Estate Planning and Probate Law, Jason S. Armstrong has assisted many in drafting Wills and Trusts, creating a guardianship, or caring for elderly parents or special needs children. Located in East Texas, Jason S. Armstrong has the knowledge and experience to help you.

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When someone dies intestate, it does not necessarily mean that all of the deceased's assets and liabilities should go unaccounted for. Beneficiaries of the deceased could seek legal advice from a

Legal> Elder Law l 2 years ago

Statistics show that almost 54 million Americans cope with the rising needs of individuals with special needs. Clients with disabilities require a kind of care that specifically addresses their

Legal> Child Custody l 2 years ago

As a parent, preparing for the inevitable is one of the best ways to secure the future of your children. Appointing a legal guardian for our children is the best course of action in order to prevent

Legal> Child Custody l 2 years ago

Surveys show that almost two-thirds of the population dies intestate; that is, most Americans fail to prepare a will that can be executed at the time of death. Find out how to take care of this all

Finance > Estate Plan Trusts l 2 years ago

The concept of long term care is very much different from that of retirement. Find out how and what you should do about it.

Insurance> Long Term Care l 2 years ago

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