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Please let me introduce myself first of all. My name is Peter. I grew up in Bavaria, which is the most southern state in Germany.

As a child and teenager, when still living at home I had little interest in cooking but enjoyed whatever my mother dished up for me, without giving it much thought and taking it more less for granted.

From the age of eighteen, when I left home and had to provide for myself most of the time, I started appreciating my mothers skill and effort much more. I couldn't wait to get home for the weekend and get some comfort food into my tummy, that actually tasted like something and was served in a relaxed atmosphere, surrounded by my beloved parents, brothers and sisters. I started asking my mother questions about cooking, got a recipe for simple dishes here and there and that I could make for myself when on my own. My Interest in cooking was awoken.

After getting married and making the big move away to Ireland, I was lucky enough to find a wife, that is a professional chef and an excellent one as well. We are cooking a lot together and if not, she is providing the skill for making Irish and other, international dishes and I am responsible for the hearty German or Bavarian dishes, mainly at the weekends.

As you can see, I am not a chef and the purpose of my articles and recipes is not to give some German dishes my own new twist or to introduce my own creations to the world. They are meant to be an introduction into German cuisine in general and to give you authentic recipes for some of the most popular German foods and some hidden treasures, that not many outside Germany would have heard off. The recipes are partly given to me by my mother, some friends of mine from all across Germany (or their mothers to be precise) and collected from some wonderful old German public domain recipe books.

Maybe you are of German heritage and would like to get an idea of your ancestors cooking habits or you just would like to widen your horizon and try something different. Here you will find a lot of information about German cuisine and traditions and history related to it.

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As many of you surely know, we Germans are very devoted to our beer. Especially in Bavaria, where I come from. Beer is not just some drink for us.

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