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Erik Christensen

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Erik Christensen is a computer programmer and software implementation consultant for an Electronic Medical Records software company. His interests outside of work include cooking, chess, online MMORPG gaming, and web marketing.

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Classic French onion soup is a perfect of example of how a small number of simple ingredients can be turned into something amazing. Despite its reputation as a being a difficult recipe with lots of

Food and Drink> Soups l 2 years ago

The soul of any soup is its stock. If you have a weak stock or broth, you will have a weak soup, no matter how good the other ingredients are. With so many decent stocks and broths available in

Food and Drink> Soups l 2 years ago

Starchy vegetables have a long history of being used to make tasty and nutritious soups. Potatoes, pumpkin, butternut squash, zucchini, peas and beets are all main ingredients for soups all around

Food and Drink> Soups l 2 years ago

I love soup, and of all the recipes I know by heart, split pea and ham soup is one of my favorites. Yellow split pea soup has a long history in Quebec where I was born, and it still feels reminds me

Food and Drink> Soups l 2 years ago

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