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Michael Griffin

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Mike has had careers in Radio, TV Engineering, Product Engineering, and Enterprise monitoring systems. Mike also does article marketing and blogging.

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If you watch TV you have probably seen the P90X infomercial. It's all about the P90X workout system created by trainer Tony Horton. Horton has adapted some ordinary workouts into a spectacular system

Health & Fitness> Build Muscle l 2 years ago

P90X is different from ordinary ways to burn fat and build muscles. It uses simple fitness tools and maximizes the power and flexibility of the human body. P90X doesn't require a gym or weight

Health & Fitness> Personal Training l 2 years ago

Many people suffer chronic pain, pain is part of the human condition and even if it is not on-going everyone has headaches, dental procedures, and other forms of pain. The good news is you don't have

Self Improvement> NLP Hypnosis l 2 years ago

The law of attraction was popularized by "The Secret" although the idea has been around since biblical days. That you become what you think about is nothing new. A lot of people are talking about the

Self Improvement> Attraction l 2 years ago

The practice of self-hypnosis goes back to antiquity. It not only is a great therapeutic method it is also relaxing and calming and can help transform you into the person you want to be.

Health & Fitness> Self Hypnosis l 2 years ago

When the subject of hypnosis comes up many picture people on stage crowing like chickens, barking like dogs, and many other humiliating activities. They picture people whose minds are under the

Health & Fitness> Self Hypnosis l 2 years ago

If you have trouble sleeping at night you are not alone. What you may not realize is that self-hypnosis can help you with this problem. Sleeping hypnosis is designed to assist you in dropping off to

Health & Fitness> Self Hypnosis l 2 years ago

Most fears are irrational, they typically have little or no basis in fact, and yet they are very real to us. Often they are rooted deep inside having been implanted by an event or events that we may

Health & Fitness> Self Hypnosis l 2 years ago

Have you ever been hypnotized? Do you believe that you can be? Any person can be hypnotized but its success relies upon on how much you will allow yourself to accept the hypnosis procedure.

Health & Fitness> Self Hypnosis l 2 years ago

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