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Lucinda Tinsley

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Lucinda Tinsley is an Astrologer who combinds Astrology with Psychology. She uses the birth chart as a tool towards self-awareness and deveolopment, in guidance towards a persons true individuality, purpose and direction in life.

It was through Astrology that her own journey of self-disvovery began where it opened up her world and her mind. After gaining a diploma in Astrology/Psychology and at last finding her passion which created a greater meaning to her life, she now uses her knowledge to help others to understand themselves and their life more fully with the tool of their own birth chart.

She promotes natal chart astrology as being uniquely personal, where the awareness of inner challenges and potential helps the individual to change, take charge and direct their life more positively and successfully.

She runs a local astrology goup in Southport and the bookshop for Astrological Psychology Assocation. Astrology also led her to Theosophy and Qabalah to which she has become a keen student of Spiritual and higher knowledge.

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