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Amanda Goldston

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I am a Tarot Author and Coach, with over 16 years experience of reading tarot cards.

Through my online and offline courses, books and programmes, I show people how to read tarot cards in order to develop Intuition and Creativity, understand themselves and others and develop empowered decision-making skills.

I am the author of "Develop Your Intuition Through Tarot" and I have created an "Easy Learn Tarot Audio Course".

I grew up beautiful North Devon, in the South West of England, where my grandparents had a farm.

I graduated from Salford University with a degree in Modern Languages and after struggling to get a "job"; gravitated towards sales and ended up as one of the top sales reps in a large national window and conservatory company, where I worked for 6 ½ years.

I began to apply simple relaxation techniques before my sales calls and found this had a marked increase in sales. I spent a lot of time teaching, training and inspiring others, both in the field and in classroom situations.

As a successful female in a highly male dominated industry I was on the receiving end of a lot of jealousy and highly destructive energies.

Learning how to protect her energies was one of the first things I learnt and now teach others to do. This led to my interest in astrology, tarot, angels, the power of names and numbers as well as a keen interest in energy healing and the awesome power of our thoughts in creating our lives.

I learnt how to read the Tarot and Angel cards and found that my natural psychic and intuitive abilities increased enormously.

Whenever our family has been though a crisis, I have used my tarot cards for guidance and find them to be an amazing tool for insight and assistance with problem solving and decision making.

I am happily married to my friend, Greg Goldston, and we have 2 wonderful daughters. Greg is a fantastic landscape and inspirational photographer. We are home educating parents.

I am UK based with clients globally.

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