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Mike Walley, known as "Dinosaur Mike" is a qualified teacher and enthusiastic palaeontologist who with the help of his colleagues at Everything Dinosaur helps motivate young people to take an interest in Earth sciences through their fascination with dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals.

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Scientists from the United Kingdom have been studying the feeding habits of extant birds in a bid to help unravel how the Pterosaurs fed. Palaeontologists believe that many types of flying reptile

Reference & Education> Science l 2 years ago

A team of scientists based in Switzerland have used computer models comparing how dinosaurs grew from a hatchling into an adult with the growth rate of mammals to suggest that the dependence on

Reference & Education> Science l 2 years ago

Dinosaur model fans have an increasing array of Chinese dinosaurs to try to make replicas of. This part of the world has become a focus in recent years for palaeontologists as they unearth a number

Reference & Education> Science l 2 years ago

A number of newspapers, journals and other media have featured a story over the last few days concerning the discovery of what are believed to be the largest dinosaur eggs ever discovered. Those

Reference & Education> Science l 2 years ago

The dinosaur fan and model collector's magazine, known as Prehistoric Times starts its next one hundred issues with an edition that balances the latest dinosaur replica news, fossil finds and

Book Reviews> Magazines l 2 years ago

Very occasionally scientists discover a number of dinosaur fossils together, these can represent an accumulation of bodies, perhaps swept away in a flood event or a catastrophe suffered by a group of

Reference & Education> Science l 2 years ago

Greece may have its economic woes but it does have a rich geology and palaeontologists have discovered the remains of a number of prehistoric animals including the tusks of a giant prehistoric

Reference & Education> Science l 2 years ago

Chinese and German scientists have announced that they have found the fossilised remains of a huge dinosaur in north-western China. The discovery of partially articulated fossilised bones of the

Reference & Education> Science l 2 years ago

Fossils of European Stegosaurs are very rare. What fossil material that has been excavated provides evidence of a number of Stegosaur genera from the Jurassic, but most of the specimens are

Shopping Product Reviews> Toys l 2 years ago

In the light of the success of the Crystal Palace dinosaur models that were erected in London as part of the great 1851 exhibition, a number of American businessmen attempted to create America's

Reference & Education> Science l 2 years ago

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