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Sandra Wellington

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My name is Sandra Wellington and I have always admired people who have worked for themselves, start a business from nothing and work their way up to become successful Entrepreneurs.

After I fell and hurt my knees I thought this would be a great time to take a look at working from home and avoid the risk of falling again especially on those icy, snowy, cold and frosty Winter days.

My health problems increased and I decided it was time to start my Internet Business even though I was not sure which Business model I was going to follow. It has been nine months since I am online and I have been learning a lot about Online Marketing. I have also taken a number of courses that has been very helpful, and at times I found myself overwhelmed with all of the information on the Internet. As a newbie to Online Marketing, I had a difficult time deciding what is the right information to follow and many times felt lost. Because of not knowing exactly what model to follow, hence, the birth of The Internet Marketing Guide for Newbies.

My purpose now is to show as many Newbies as possible, the easiest and fastest way to get started with their online business. I have put together a step by step series of audios and a workbook on how to get started on the Internet.

I will be updating my blog posts on a regular basis and share with you tips and information I am currently using I have found very helpful, that you can use to assist you on your new journey on the Internet. I hope that you will find this blog site a valuable resource, so everyone can learn and grow on this incredible journey and enjoy abundance, joy and love that the Universe offers us.

My other interests are Travel, Weightloss, the Law of Attraction, Health and Wellness, Inspiration and Motivation and Computers.

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