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Jerry P Corley

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The science behind the art of how to be a comedian.

A professional comedian for 25 years and writer for The Tonight Show with Jay Leno for eight, Jerry Corley knows comedy.

Jerry still tours and runs a comedy studio in Burbank, California where he teaches the fundamentals of comedy and humor writing, along with stand up comedy courses that focus on writing and performance technique.

He holds 8-week comedy classes where students get to show off their stuff at the world-famous Comedy Store in Hollywood, CA.

Jerry also authors a comedy blog on his website available on this page.

If you want to learn how to be a comedian, than this is a fantastic place to start. You will begin to understand that comedy is a learn-able skill and that comedy has many formulas, patterns and structures that are required in order to trigger human laughter.

Learn the science behind the art of comedy with Jerry Corley's comedy classes recognized as the premiere comedian school in Los Angeles.

Jerry has broken down comedy into an understandable process so that virtually anyone can learn the skill. Although certain people may be more naturally suited for comedy, the structures of comedy are learn-able by anyone and Jerry believes that you can teach comedy structure to anyone giving them the ability to get laugh.

You too, can learn how to be a comedian if you follow Jerry's blueprint to comedy.

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As a professional touring comedian for 25 years, the number one question I get from people in the audience--besides, "Why's your breath stink?"-- is "How can I be a comedian?" I am going to try to

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