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E L E Hammer

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Member since: Apr 18, 2012

E L E Hammer, MA Organizer, Facilitator, Writer, Emcee, Public Speaker. Masters in Conflict Resolution, BA in Theology. Over 25 Years of work experience including: Youth Director, Volunteer Coordinator, Director Mobile Meals, Administrative Assistant, Customer Service Representative, Inventory Control Specialist.

Mission Statement:

To improve the quality of life for individuals by teaching them life skills that will bring order to their lives. To assist corporations in improving the efficiency of their operations so that they are able to be more productive while at the same time lessening their personal stress. To provide Motivational presentations, that will not only prove to be inspiring and entertaining to the audiences, but give them practical processes that they can easily apply to their own lives.I have over

Why I like what I do

One thing I said would never do is public speaking. Before I knew it I was out in front of people giving presentations. I realized that this is something I was meant to do. Each one of us has been blessed by God with gifts, sometimes it takes being thrown into the deep end to find them. I have found mine, let me use my gifts to help you.

I love Public Speaking, I love all of it. I enjoy making people laugh, or cry or think differently about something. I love the thrill of seeing the audience enjoy themselves. It is wonderful to see people have that aah ha moment during a presentation, when something they had not considered before hits their brain and gives them insight into themselves, others or the world in general. I love sharing myself and my stories with the audience. I have lived a full interesting and compelling life and enjoy sharing my journey.

I enjoy helping someone find order out of chaos, and realize that they can go from being disorganized to a person of order. It is thrilling to see someone's office transform right before your eyes.

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All my life I have had a bad sense of direction. The constant state of getting lost, and the fear of same kept me home from many events in my life. When I was younger I would go places if the

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This is a funny, true story that happened to me at a time when I was a single mom of two tweens, had a dog two cats a gerbil and of all things a duck. This is what happens when you are trying hard to

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