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Ricky A Brown

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My name is Ricky Brown and I'm a 24 year old father to my 14 month old son. I live with the love of my life and my baby's momma. We have been together for eight years and have had our share of ups and downs. I stay home and take care of our baby and our house.

We live in the country where it is peaceful and we don't have problems from neighbors. We live in a small town so jobs have never been easy to find and the economy getting worse doesn't help matters. I work online to make extra money so we don't have to worry about money issues.

We are a simple family. I'm not traditional but I believe that things were dealt with better long ago. I love my family and I want to make sure we stay together. I enjoy being able to raise my son and teach him the way I think people should live; love each other and always lend a hand. There are honest ways to live in this ugly world and I believe strong family values are the answer to many problems today.

I love getting outside and enjoying the world. I love nature and being able to go out to the woods or to that lake and escaping reality and relaxing. I enjoy many physical activities like gymnastics, martial arts, hiking, swimming and climbing. I also enjoy work and think that hard work is necessary if you want to be happy in life.

I spread love and share my happiness with anyone that will listen. I like seeing people light up and I'll do what it take to make someone smile. I've lived my life by the golden rule I was taught as a child, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." I believe in being good to others and anything is possible if you set your mind to it.

I stay as simple as I can so that way life doesn't get so complicated that we forget to live and love. I believe that one day everyone will open their eyes, and hearts, and we will be able to overcome any obstacle. I hope to share my knowledge with anyone that will listen and I hope it helps change lives like it has change mine.

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