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Those who are living in temperate climates, like Caucasians, are the ones who are most prone to developing multiple sclerosis. Canada is considered as the country with most multiple sclerosis

Health & Fitness> Diseases Multiple Sclerosis l 2 years ago

Multiple sclerosis is considered as an autoimmune disorder. This condition occurs when the protective sheath - myelin - that covers the nerves within the central nervous system starts to degenerate.

Health & Fitness> Diseases Multiple Sclerosis l 2 years ago

Dyslexia is learning disabilities that can be manage and ensure a healthy optimum growth in a dyslexic child. While a dyslexic child has inability from basic skills such as writing, reading, spelling

Health & Fitness> Developmental Disabilities l 2 years ago

One of the most challenging part of being a parent is to watch over a sick child. Even if the illness is just a fever or a clogged nose, parents cannot bear watching their kids cry and suffer. If

Health & Fitness> Holistic l 2 years ago

A headache is one of the common discomforts that most people encounter. This is due to the fact that such condition is brought about by several factors like stress, lack of sleep, migraine and a lot

Health & Fitness> Headaches Migraines l 2 years ago

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