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John Cowie

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John Cowie is a veteran of the semiconductor revolution. As a former senior executive with Philips Semiconductor and Intel Corporation, his original intention was to write a book based on the characters he met and his first-hand experiences during his many years in this exciting young industry. But as he watched the remarkable evolution of the silicon chip and in turn the personal computer and telecommunications industries, he began to link these extraordinary envisioneering achievements with the human brain. Regular journeys past the ancient sites of Silbury Hill and the standing stones of Avebury prompted him to consider where our knowledge could have come from and the seeds of the Alien Visitor gene theory began.

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How did mankind evolve so quickly during the Holocene era to become an integral part of Earth's fabric? Somehow in a vague period in our prehistory, we managed to switch from hunter-gathering to

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How do we 'operate'? What makes us 'work'? Where does our knowledge come from? Where do our beliefs, cultures, phobias, superstitions, etc., originate? What gives us our individuality? We can see

News & Society> Anthropology Sociology l 2 years ago

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