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L.L Brunk has always been, "a story teller", or as his grandfather used to say "a forthright spinner of tales". Having the freedom to share his parables with others brings him peace of mind like nothing else can.

Brunk is a father and is now a soldier as well, Certified in Combatives and Human Resources. Has been married to his beautiful wife Jennifer for two years and they have one daughter together, their little cherub Leona. Brunk has an older daughter named Vianna as well from a prior marriage.

Brunk was born and raised in between the valleys and mountains of central California, spending time in the Santa Cruz Mountains, up the winding roads through the lush redwoods of Redwood Estates, and with the elite children in the posh city of Los Gatos, sitting at the foot of the mountains. He graduated from Fremont High School in Sunnyvale with a most diverse gathering of youths. These are the places where the seeds of his imagination were first planted, where he lived before joining the Army.

During a recent deployment (not the first), Brunk served his time in a key unit contributing to the troops drawn down in Iraq. Brunk found time to finish his novel Legatum while working fourteen hours a day completing his duties as a soldier. He wrote during the long sleepless nights. The writing was therapeutic for him, helping him to get through the unpredictable days and nights.

Although Legatum is fiction, many of the author's own experiences have inspired him to create such passionate characters to share with the world. Legatum is an erotic story full of mystery, adventure, fantasy, and romance-- a story that he feels has to be told... and now it is here to be shared with others.

Recently, Brunk has been doing freelance writing while continuing to work as a Human Resource Expert in the United States Army. He always keeps in mind the best future possible for his children and lives with a new sense of appreciation for what he is now able to share with you. He hopes his writing can inspire you to discover your full potential, even during the most troubling of times, and prompt you into rediscovering your passion in life... and who you are....

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