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You will not find any astounding accolades out beside my name yet. I just like to write from life, my life. Writing is therapeutic and better than any therapist I have paid for. I spent 21 years in an abusive marriage, trying to raise a child and stay alive. Now that we are free, writing helps us to understand the whys.

Writing did not come easy to me in school but now I love it. Writing in school had too many boundaries and confines. I recently became active again using social media and article writing, for example.

When laid off a traditional job, I spent hours in the mornings sending out resumes and their appropriate cover letters. The rejection notices were never very welcome. Now the hours I spend writing in the day are for me.

My cynicism, humor and sarcasm come out strongly when I write but no insult is intended. I get most of these attributes from my beloved Da's wit as we were very close. My dog, Mo, a Newffie, is fun to write about and he is never offended as long as he gets his treats in the morning.

My writing goals include a biography of my former husband now that he is deceased. I need to purge myself of all those bad memories and find that writing really does help. Writing children's books is also a goal of mine. I see so many examples in nature that might be subjects for these books.

Writing for posts on Ezines is really the very best place to have your articles because they have the most strict guidelines. I can and want constructive criticism in order to improve my articles especially now that my writing has taken a different direction away from article marketing.

I an anxious to share about my new life as a mountain woman since I have left the city for the hills. My experience building a garden using castoff tires should prove very interesting and I look forward to seeing it online.

Learning to live life without running water is a story in itself. At least I have an indoor toilet. Many do not have that luxury and must use an outhouse. So writing about life in the mountains should keep you entertained and wondering if I am telling the truth about some issues.

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