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Ken Solin

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For twenty years, author and lecturer Ken Solin has worked with men to move them beyond the issues that limit their lives. Divorces, sharing kids, single parenting, relationships, dysfunctional boyhoods, anger, depression, anxiety and other issues that affect men have been successfully dealt with.

Both men and women follow Ken since his work deals with issues that affect both, particularly in relationships.

Before devoting himself to this work, Ken enjoyed a successful twenty-five year career as an entrepreneur, financing high-tech companies and wineries. He raised two sons as a single father and lives in California with his wife Sheri.

"What I've learned over two decades is that there are no shortcuts for healing the emotional wounds that hold men back in every aspect of their lives. The 'work' is men helping each other by listening to each others stories, and responding from their own experiences in similar situations. Judgment and advice are meaningless. When a man shares his feelings with other men, he is expressing his absolute truth."

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