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Scott Hammond

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Introduction for Scott Hammond...

From Iowa to San Diego to Humboldt County Scott Hammond is a Father of 9, inspirational speaker, trainer and consultant... and a little more!

Scott has a varied background of personal, family and professional experience.

As an ad media sales manager-- Scott brings more than 30 years of professional marketing, sales, speaking and business experience.

Graduating from Humboldt State University with a BA in Recreation Administration-Scott has worked in radio, newspaper and cable television.

Scott is an Award-winning Toastmaster, Author of the Every Day Dad and columnist.

Scott uses a comfortable- personal speaking style to motivate and inspire people toward positive change.

Scott resides in McKinleyville California with his AWESOME wife of 31 years Joni... and 5 of their nine children ages 8 to 28.

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Even in the best situations, communication conflicts in relationships, business, or work are inevitable. Unfortunately, the unskilled and negative ways we typically respond these conflicts often

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