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It's me, John Halasz. A former writing teacher, I currently write and manage a team of full time writers who write and edit novels, screenplays, SEO content, nonfiction books, ebooks, academic journals, lyrics, and grants.

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The job of a biography writer is to write the series of events that comprise a person's life. The biography writer should have a number of distinctive attributes to carry out the responsibilities

Writing & Speaking> Creative Writing l 2 years ago

Today many aspiring writers get their start via article writing jobs, especially articles for search engine optimization. The explosion of the Internet has created a demand for information articles

Writing & Speaking> Writing Articles l 2 years ago

A creative screenwriter starts the creative process with an idea. A screenwriter with one or more creative ideas can generate a story that could be converted into a script. The idea must be clear and

Writing & Speaking> Screenwriting l 2 years ago

A screenplay doctor has nothing to do with the health sector. A screenplay doctor works in the movie industry and refers to someone who has a particular writing skill and offers their services. Some

Writing & Speaking> Screenwriting l 2 years ago

Script doctoring was first revealed to the public in 1973 during the American Academy Awards ceremony when Francis Ford Coppola thanked Bob Towne for his script doctoring for "The Godfather" This

Writing & Speaking> Screenwriting l 2 years ago

Successful screenplay writers utilize screenplay consulting before submitting their screenplay to a production company. Screenplay consulting is undertaken by screenplay professionals with industry

Writing & Speaking> Screenwriting l 2 years ago

A script consultant is entrusted to verify screenplay scripts to ensure that poor scripts are not selected for shooting. Some scripts appear flawless and easy to shoot, but the consultant will be

Writing & Speaking> Screenwriting l 2 years ago

The task of script coverage is a usually accomplished under the supervision of the film's production department. Script coverage involves several analyses that are crucial for releasing a success of

Writing & Speaking> Screenwriting l 2 years ago

Hiring a professional for a screenplay analysis is helpful for screenwriters because screenplay consulting is essential to creating a final draft script, be it a movie script or a screenplay for

Writing & Speaking> Screenwriting l 2 years ago

Screenwriters hire script consulting services to receive useful feedback about their script. Consulting helps when screenwriters have a specific set of questions and issues to address or if they just

Writing & Speaking> Screenwriting l 2 years ago

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