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Nicolo Marcon

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I was born in Switzerland, and came to Australia in 1983. Since coming here I have completed my goal of becoming a Psychologist.

In my career I have worked in a number of positions since becoming a Psychologist. While studying at University, I worked at a Youth Detoxification Center for adolescents with drug and alcohol problems. During my post-graduate studies, I worked in a Maximum Security Prison where I was the coordinator for the Drug and Alcohol area. Eventually, I began working at a Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Center where I remained until I founded the Marcon Emotional Balance Centres in 2006.

Since the beginning my mission has been to provide quality and affordable counselling to all those who need help. My philosophy has always been that every person is unique and special, and I believe that in a safe, nurturing and respectful environment, a person can live a balanced life, free from addictions or disease.

My other vision is to engage, empower and upskill organisations and workplaces. I want to be able to assist employees to get the fair treatment they deserve, work in a safe and supportive enironment and where they can gain further skills and training. I also focus on helping employers to achieve the results they seek and deserve.

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Psychological trauma is any physical or psychological threat to an individual's physical integrity, sense of self, safety or physical survival. An individual might experience trauma because of

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