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Hope Wilbanks

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Hope Wilbanks is a writer and inspirational author who loves to motivate and encourage others. She is passionate and writes most about self-improvement, writing, family, weight loss and parenting.

Hope has had a constant love affair with writing most of her life. The affair began when she entered (and won!) a creative writing contest in grade school. As a pre-teen, she pecked away on an electric typewriter, creating worlds and stories of her own, before walking away from writing for a few years.

Then one of Hope's English teachers in high school made it mandatory for his class to keep a daily journal. Because the journal was part of the class grade, she had no choice but to participate and loathed nearly every page she wrote--until creativity kicked in again. That English class and mandatory journaling stirred the passion of writing within Hope again. Now over a decade later, she still journals.

Hope writes on a variety of topics, including: health, nutrition, parenting, relationships, personal development, website development, blogging, family, homeschooling, spiritual development, Biblical living, and more.

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