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James Boulay

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I am a multi-business owner who loves staying busy! If I am not being productive I am bored. I love pretty much everything about the business world aside from tax code. I am a family man who takes pride in the moral and principal based upbringing of my children. I absolutely love nature and baseball. I could talk politics for hours and love hearing views and debating. I could write and read about health related topics all day long. If you can imagine it, I will probably have at least a mild interest in it!

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What do you do after you have used most of your body's "fuel" during a workout? You replenish your bodily fuel supplies with a proper six pack abs diet! These post workout foods will help you recover

Health & Fitness> Exercise l 2 years ago

Just because you are a grandmother or grandfather does not mean you can not work toward the best body of your life! Many say seniors can't get six pack abs, read this as I dispel a few common myths

Health & Fitness> Exercise l 2 years ago

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