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Kelly C Bowers

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I have been a student of fitness for more than 27 years. I became interested in fitness training in college when I met my husband, Bob, who was heavily into body-building and other sports. His interest in body-building and his personal drive heavily influenced me. In fact, our wedding gift to each other was a Solflex fitness machine which, unlike most home fitness equipment, never became a clothes rack. Over the years Bob and I have fitness trained together, earned black belts in Tae Kwon Do, participated in athletic competitions such as triathlons and half-marathons and have enjoyed playing together in such activities as wake boarding and water skiing, scuba, biking and racquetball. Together, Bob and I have a beautiful daughter, who is currently in her fourth year of college. Bob has not only been my coach, but he has also been my supporter and my source of encouragement and my inspiration.

I became a Certified Personal Trainer almost three years ago and my personal training philosophy focuses on core strength, stability endurance and functional training. I am also a TRX® Suspension Training Certified Instructor. Most recently, in order better serve my clients' overal health and fitness goals, I earned my Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist?.

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Since becoming a personal trainer almost four years ago, one of the most often-asked questions I receive is, "What do you think about P90X?" I bought the program and for the next 90 days I followed

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