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They say that when you've found your passion, there's no such thing as work. My passion is TAILGATING - specifically TAILGATING COOLERS and anything else that has to do with having a good time while tailgating. I get to do a LOT of tailgating and am privileged to meet hundreds of people all over the country. I work for Magna Manufacturing, makers of the Legendary LoBoy Foam Cooler and Insul-Pak line of foam shippers (foam shipping coolers and cold chain temperature controlled insulated shipping boxes). We make coolers for the picnics and tailgate parties as well as beautifully constructed cypress wood "deck box" coolers that are a hit with the college crowd and sportsmen. Many of our products feature officially licensed collegiate logo versions just as we do business and organization promotional logos. We do a lot of traveling around the country to various trade shows and outdoor-related events (fishing, camping, hunting, etc.) so the job's a lot of fun. I work with a great team of people have a direct hand in producing content for the LoBoy website as well as our e-commerce store. I'm a main contributor to The Bear Facts Lifestyle Blog.

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Unfortunately, foam coolers tend to be the most noticeable of all litter on beaches, parks, and coastlines because of individual size volume and an already existing negative reputation. This article

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Shipping perishable seafood across entire states and over long distances requires the right tools for the job; otherwise there is a high likelihood that your delicate cargo will lose temperature

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Back in the days when these types of coolers were commonly known under the nickname of "Styrofoam", nobody batted an eyelash at leaving cheap, flimsy, broken ones on the beach or throwing them into

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