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Norwood A McDaniel

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Norwood McDaniel has traveled to most continents and countries for business aviation purposes. Norwood is a professional aircraft management consultant offering pilot services and aircraft operations cost savings to owners of business aircraft. Contact him at for additional questions.

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TSA has developed a passenger safe travel program called TSA Pre check. The program is expanding across the country to expedite travelers through security lines.

Travel & Leisure> Airline Travel l 2 years ago

Legislation signed into law in 2012 not only authorized funding for operation of the Federal Aviation Administration but also enacted a provision to phase out older Stage II jets. The phase out of

Business > Business Travel l 2 years ago

Aircraft hangar door safety should not be taken for granted. An event may be costly.

Travel & Leisure> Aviation Airplanes l 2 years ago

Following is a brief explanation of popular light jets. The aircraft include Citation, Learjets and Westwind.

Travel & Leisure> Aviation Airplanes l 2 years ago

Know that if you fly on a private charter jet that you will be very safe. Review some of the regulations that help secure that safety.

Travel & Leisure> Charter Jets l 2 years ago

America founded the global aviation market and now our skilled and unskilled jobs are departing the country. U.S. aviation manufacturing families are hurting and they need assistance, vendors are

Business > Business Travel l 2 years ago

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