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Chris M Seguin

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Chris Seguin is a writer with a wide variety of interests. Currently she is focusing much of her energy on nutrition and child rearing. She provides original web content on a freelance basis.

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It can be extremely difficult getting your children to eat healthy. These 22 tips will help keep your family eating the right foods.

Health & Fitness> Nutrition l 2 years ago

Cancer is the most feared illness in the world. It's effects can be devastating. Studies suggest that 35-70% of cancer can be traced back to unhealthy diets. This article describes three components

Articles Categories> Cancer l 2 years ago

Knowing the difference between good and bad cholesterol - and knowing your ratio of each - can help save your life. HDL is the good cholesterol, and LDL is the bad cholesterol.

Health & Fitness> Heart Disease l 2 years ago

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