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Hi, my name is Peter Dudek. I have a broad range of interests and skills. I'm a software developer and community college teacher with a degree in mathematics and computer science. I was homeschooled my whole life before attending college (yes, for me it was a bit of an adjustment, but a good one). I loved baseball but stunk at it, now love basketball and am competent at it, and am training to run a marathon which I hope to excel at. I've taught Sunday school, ran a kid's church for five years, served as a deacon, and cleaned horse stalls right out of college because I wasn't sure exactly what I wanted to do with life. I was single and sad, single and happy, in love, and am now married to my wonderful wife Jodi. Oh...I also dabble in writing.

My genre-Christian fantasy novels. I've enjoyed writing for a long time. Back when I was seven, I wrote a fairy tale about five friends, a dinosaur, a truck, a car, a mouse and some other friend that I unfortunately can't remember. They faced enemies such as giant monsters, tornadoes, and the like, all creatures created from the vivid imagination of a young boy. As one can gather, when I was introduced to Tolkien and Lewis as an early teenager, I could hardly contain myself. All those hobbits, battles, rings, and the like was just what I needed to start formulating some of my own ideas for my Forsaken Kingdom Christian fantasy series.

To add to my list of ideas, I saw and experienced many fascinating events as a Christian young adult navigating his way into his twenties. Let's just say, God really became real to me during that time. That's when I decided I wanted to mesh some of my real life experiences into a fantasy story line. But even more than the monsters and battles (mine were spiritual, but I desired to write of them in the physical), I wanted my books to be character driven; that is, I wanted the heart-beat of my plots to be motivated by the various characters' encounters with both evil, and God. In the end, my story became a tapestry strung together by the lives of various unique, fun, and often quirky characters all simply experiencing the reality of God's kingdom.

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