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Dr. Jim Anderson

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Dr. Jim Anderson, the "Business Side of IT Expert", works with executives and IT professionals and speaks at various business and association meetings worldwide. His over twenty years of experience in solving corporate alignment issues in the Sales, Marketing, and IT fields gives him the unique insight to help his customers and audiences solve their challenges using the resources that they already have.

His extraordinary ability to take complex business and technical principles and make them easily understood has made him a favorite among those hoping to quickly solve competitive problems.

Dr. Anderson offers consulting, speaking, and training programs in the following areas:

* Negotiate Without Fear

* IT Strategy & Business Alignment

* IT Staff Motivation & Business Skills Training

* IT Product Management Skills

* Communication Skills For Technical & Non-Technical Staff

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Pity the poor CIOs who gets the idea that what his IT department needs to do this year is to implement a process improvement project. It's not that these types of projects are a bad thing to do, it's

Business > Management l 2 years ago

This giving a speech thing is hard to do! Think of all of the various things that you need to do at the same time: remember the words that you want to say, keep eye contact with your audience, keep

Writing & Speaking> Public Speaking l 2 years ago

Threats are yet another one of the negotiation styles and negotiating techniques that we can use. It turns out that that big stick has some consequences that you need to be aware of.

Business > Negotiation l 2 years ago

The one management task that most IT managers fear the most is the process of creating a new budget for their team. One of the reasons that I believe that this critical task is feared so much is

Business > Management l 2 years ago

Let's pretend for just a moment that you were a public speaker who lived back in Shakespeare's time (1564 - 1616). Forget all of those presentation tips that you've learned because all of your

Writing & Speaking> Public Speaking l 2 years ago

Intimidation can take on many forms during the course of a sales negotiation. One of the forms of intimidation that we are all very familiar with is when the other side of the table starts to raise

Business > Negotiation l 2 years ago

So let's think about your next negotiating session. There you are and everything is going along quite nicely. You are making your points and the other side doesn't seem to be objecting to them too

Business > Negotiation l 2 years ago

Hear any good lawyer jokes lately? When we are negotiating we like to think that we're prepared for almost any possibility. However, there's one thing that can cause the blood of even a seasoned

Business > Negotiation l 2 years ago

In every negotiation, you'll eventually run out of things to say to the other side of the table before you've been able to reach a deal. Never fear, I've got 3 techniques that you can use when you

Business > Negotiation l 2 years ago

The goal of any negotiation is to get the other side of the table to see things your way. Hmm, how are we going to make that happen? What you are going to have to do is to become skilled at finding

Business > Negotiation l 2 years ago

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