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Charlie A Mernagh

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Charlie Mernagh is Sales Director with Business and Training Solutions International and Owner of ASK Solutions Charlie makes your goals his goals-his Sales Coaching Skills inspire engagement and build confidence in the coachee to develop their own selling skills by following a process for continuous improvement. There aren't many who'd argue the fact that Charlie is one enthusiastic and professional guy. A quick glance at his professional resume leaves you with the strong impression that effort and optimism combined with developing the right mental attitude, appropriate skills and the relevant knowledge are a winning combination. Case in point: With Charlie by their side, clients achieved double- and triple-digit improvement in their sales performance and quality over the past 30-plus years. In a day and age where optimism and going the extra mile can sound like a cliché, Charlie has made them a differentiator. His clients include organizations that are leaders in their industries, as well as others that are less recognizable. Regardless, their goals are his goals. Charlie's life view and extensive background in sales and leadership - as a business owner, district manager, national sales and management training director - are the foundation of his coaching, training and consulting services. Participants in Charlies experiential, "live action" programs walk away with, inspiration and skills they can immediately put to use. His most popular speeches include "Selling in a Downturn Economy!", "Principles of Sales Success!", "Marketing on a Shoestring!", "POWER Selling!" When he's not engaging an audience or engrossed in a coaching discussion, this proud husband and father is most likely on the golf course in the premier county Tipperary Ireland. Bottom line for Charlie is: enthusiasm with professionalism following a sales process meets results! For more information contact or ring 00353 87 2590666

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At the heart of successful time management it is an important shift in focus - concentrate on results, not on being busy. The purpose of time management is to adjust the balance of time spent during

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Evaluate the above traits and ask yourself can you improve or even build on them as your mental attitude is the one thing you have complete control over. This is what separates winners from losers

Business > Sales Management l 2 years ago

In personal and business life we have complete control over one important principle and that is our attitude... it can be positive or negative, some people go through life letting circumstances

Business > Sales Management l 2 years ago

A simple question to ask yourself... Why does one person succeed and another person fail? If you research the subject personal development you will get lots of key ideas and as many gurus again

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