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Dimitris Zagoudinos

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Born in Siatista Kozani . Worked as a furrier in family business for 5 years . Studied business marketing in A.U.TH and currently is CEO of Skandinavik Fur co .

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  The time, effort and labour that is involved into creating so many colour phases of fox is not adequately understood by the consumer. As with developing a fine taste for the various colours and

Reference & Education> Wildlife l 2 years ago

Growth and development of fur takes place between July and October. The major activity of this period is feeding.The main goal is to achieve growth rates as high as possible. Usually mink are fed

Business > Agriculture l 2 years ago

Ranch mink breeding is divided into four seasons. The second season involves weaning and whelping. Gestation may take from thirty to sixty days, mostly because of a delayed implantation.

Reference & Education> Wildlife l 2 years ago

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