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Daniel A.R. Perry

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Dan Perry is an avid wilderness traveler and back country camper. He is the president of Grub 'n' Gear, an on line company that provides networking opportunities and resources for campers. He is the sole developer of the Grub 'n' Gear meal planner, which is a completely unique resource on the web. He is also a freelancer with many years of experience in the film industry, and has be involved in the production of over seventy films and television shows.

Dan describes himself as a spiritual adventurer and student of the mind. He has a Bachelor of Theology and has studied many esoteric disciplines such as hypnosis and Tantra. In spite of many astonishing transpersonal experiences Dan remains a cynic, and is always trying to peel back yet another layer of reality to find out what lies beyond the next.

Dan lives in Toronto with his lovely wife and fabulous son.

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