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Steve G Gamlin

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Steve Gamlin is a man with a message, and he enjoys mixing that message with humorous stories, heartfelt emotion and powerful visuals.

Since 1992, he has enjoyed life as a radio personality, emcee, entertainer, author, stand-up comedian and award-winning professional speaker.

In Summer 2003 his life fell apart when he left a 10-year radio career, got divorced and found himself ,000 in debt. Shortly after, his life changed as he spent a hazy, humid afternoon hitting golf balls, barefoot in wet grass, under power-lines, during a thunderstorm.

He found a reason to smile again...and his new journey began

In November 2008, Steve was awarded First Place in Toastmasters District 45 "Humorously Speaking" Competition. In May 2010, he placed Third in the District 45 International Speaking competition.

Throughout his career, one trait has remained constant: Steve is a 'regular guy' who has fulfilled his dream: a life spent sharing his passions for speaking, writing and inspiring others. He has never climbed Mount Everest, won an Olympic gold medal or walked a Hollywood red carpet.

What he has done is blazed a trail from humble beginnings, experiencing incredible highs and heartbreaking lows to create a life he loves, inspiring others to identify and pursue their passions.

Steve's message is simple: we all have the ability to make a difference in our own lives and in the lives of others. Through his presentations, books and recordings, he can inspire you to create a rewarding life of your own by making the right choices, having a positive attitude, and choosing to take the right actions, all while enjoying the process!

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Last week I attended one of the greatest concerts, ever. During their mid-twenties, they left home to bring their music to a great big unknown world.If they had mission-stopping fears of failure,

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