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Lisa U Maki

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Lisa is a Professional Writer/Consultant with over 10 years of experience in Professional Writing Public speaking, and Human Resources in Organizational Development. She manages a Professional Writing business which includes Résumé Writing, Business Letter Writing, Essays, Business Plans, Website Content, Editing Jobs, Press Kits, and other writing requirements.

Other than her business, Lisa is also an evangelist/preacher/minister. She has 10 years of ministry experience including pastoring a women's prison; conduct of Bible-based seminars and Bible studies in corporate offices; preaching engagements in churches, police camps, schools, and other organizations; outreach programs for poor families and children; and pastoring a church. Together with her husband, they drive around towns, cities, and eventually states, with their JESUS van, to bring the church outside where the people are. They head a ministry called God'z Gang whose main focus is to reach those who are not reached by traditional means and methods used by churches.

In 2010, Lisa self-published a book entitled UNVEIL ME. It is a self-help, Bible-based book that talks about the woman's needs and wants, how these were distorted along the way, how these distortions have wounded her, and how she can experience true healing through Jesus Christ. It is a book that talks about her own hurts and the process of healing she went through and still going through. It also talks about stories of other women that every other woman can relate to.

Lisa holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and some "masteral" units in Psychological Services.

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If there is one word in the Bible and attribute of God that is misused and abused, it is His "grace". I have heard sinners say: "God understands. He is merciful. He is gracious". I have also heard

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I never thought I would end up with a long-distance love. This was the last thing I had in mind. I didn't even know then how to chat, let alone what YM was.

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