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Ken Rabow

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Ken Rabow is an "out of the box" life empowerment coach, a Huffington Post blogger and a Workshop and Keynote speaker on the topic of teens and young adults struggling with issues ranging from anxiety to academic indifference and substance abuse.

With over 10 years of experience as a life coach and seven years working with middle school children on special projects, Ken has formulated a way of approaching each child as an unfinished work of art waiting for us to let go of the negative parts and let the true work of art unfold.

The essence of Ken's work with self-sabotaging teens and young adults can be found in his weekly columns at Huffington Post in a 13 step system that treats each person's progress as "The Hero's Journey". This allows for an individual approach to each client. Ken's podcasts on the subject can be found at iTunes.

Recently, Ken has been invited to speak to parents, teachers and students about the power of mentoring and how each and every one of us can have a profound impact on the world by micro-mentoring.

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