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William Nicholas Abraham

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Writer, musician, philosopher, entrepreneur, consultant, mental health professional, former Catholic Priest, student of great religious leaders and prophets, especially Jesus, Gandhi and the Buddha. . as well as those who have been hidden from us. . . Mary of Magdela and many other great women

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I can recall being a small child in the back seat of the car and looking out the window, daydreaming, as my Mother would say, and dreaming about all the possibilities that life held for me. Never did

Self Improvement> Goal Setting l 2 years ago

Time has honored no mystery greater than that of Forgiveness. For centuries, theologians and philosophers have grappled with its complexity and its power.

Relationships> Reconnecting l 2 years ago

Materialism and Consumerism are hard at work each Christmas. They pretend to be our best friends, luring us with all sorts of avenues to personal fulfillment and achieving love. I chose a different

Self Improvement> Inspirational l 2 years ago

I am a member of an extraordinary family - not only do the eight of us ranging from ages 63 down to 45 enjoy the ongoing support of each other. Our parents also taught us, particularly our Mother,

Self Improvement> Positive Attitude l 2 years ago

We've been invaded by the health snatchers and taken to the life sucking land of drama. And it's time we stopped, looked and listened to what relational drama is doing to us as a society.

Self Improvement> Positive Attitude l 2 years ago

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