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Kwame Kuadey

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Kwame Kuadey is an entrepreneur and small business bootstrapping expert. Kwame started his first company, on a shoestring (funded on credit cards). Through the power of bootstrapping, he successfully turned into a million dollar business, without outside funding.

In addition to running GiftCardRescue, Kwame leads an entrepreneurship development program at his church where he teaches existing and would-be entrepreneurs the secrets to bootstrapping their businesses to profitability.

In his spare time, Kwame enjoys working on his many entrepreneurial side projects.

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EPPICards have become targets of sophisticated fraud, prompting several states to issue alerts warning card holders. Here are the top three EPPICard fraud and what to do about protecting yourself

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Prepaid Cards and debit cards are used in a similar manner to make purchases. However, there are important differences between the two, including protection, overdraft risk, and eligibility.

Finance > Credit Tips l 2 years ago

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