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Marita Steffe

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Hi my name is Marita Steffe I love Design, Art and all kinds of creative endeavors. For the last 18 years I worked in the interior design trade. Recently I started a website/blog to share my passion: creativity, why it is important, how one can get into the habit and lots more. I also love to use and teach people about vision boards as a creative tool to empower yourself, it works and it's fun The ultimate creative act is to create your life.

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While many may dismiss vision boards as being an artsy, weird approach to a serious endeavor. Anyone with an open mind can find the fulfillment and happiness they deserve in life and making a vision

Self Improvement> Creativity l 2 years ago

Creativity is a must-have when it comes to visualizing and making your dreams come true. Learning how to think outside the box is imperative to realizing your dreams and goals for true happiness in

Self Improvement> Creativity l 2 years ago

Even when you have no time and don't feel creative, you are surrounded by your own creativity. To be creative makes life juicy, even if it's small things.

Self Improvement> Creativity l 2 years ago

Vision boards are a great way to find your way in life. The more focused and narrow your vision board is the more positive changes that you will find in your life.

Self Improvement> Empowerment l 2 years ago

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