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Kathy H Porter

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Kathy H Porter, an expert writer and dog-lover, has written a free report about how understanding dog behavior can transform your life. You can get immediate access to this free report when you visit her dog web site.

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"Saving Gracie," by Carol Bradley is both a story and a resource guide on puppy mill dogs. This is a book that should be read by as many people as possible, especially those who think that what

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Allie Larkin has written an exciting, first novel that will quite literally hold you spellbound. Her characters are funny, exasperating, feisty and vulnerable. She's created a masterful tail (pun

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Girl-gets-dog-and-lives-happily-ever-after is a theme alive and well in "Anyone But You," by Jennifer Crusie. Don't let the 1996 publishing date fool you into thinking this is a book past its time.

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