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Born in Providence, Rhode Island in 1953, Wil Langford is a prolific writer on many subjects. Writing under the pen name, Bill Hart, Wil created the popular Lacey Blue Days Greyhound series.

Wil writes short stories on a wide range of subjects including homelessness, horse racing, and nature. His characters are often people on the fringe or edge of society with the insight only an outsider can offer.

He is the founder of Eastern Maine Hypnotherapy. He is a certified hypnotherapist with training in bio-feedback and advanced certification in Integrated Energy Therapy. He is also the author of "Your Loved Ones, Yourself; Finding and Raising the Family Within." Wil was introduced to meditation in 1978 through Siddha Yoga and has become a meditation guide and teacher.

Wil has helped hundreds of people to reach their goals in his role of therapist, teacher, meditation guide, philosopher, consciousness explorer, and author.

He divides his time between New England, the Southwest and Florida. His expereinces as a therapist and consciousness explorer including clinical applications of bio-feeback and light and sound machines led to his knowledge and understanding of the human mind.

His book, "Your Loved Ones, Your Self; Finding and Raising the Family Within," explains the different levels of consciousness and how to improve communication between different parts of your mind.

In "Your Loved Ones, Your Self," Wil explores the three parts of human consciousness that everyone shares and the scientific, religious, and spiritual basis for the parts. Case histories, anecdotes, and ancient and modern teachings reveal the creative power in each person's life and how each one can find his or her true purpose in life.

Learning how the parts work in you and your loved ones will help you to appreciate and communicate better with your own inner self and your family and friends.

Mystical experiences and psychic phenomenon as well as his work as a hypnotherapist led Wil on a quest to discover the meaning of unexplainable occurrences in his life. He was led by a higher consciousness that he calls our, "Loved Ones." Throughout his book one message remains true, we are love in every sense of the word and we are created by love.

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