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Roger Stevens is the owner of Child Care Surprise AZ and other local provider sites that help parents find the best possible child care for their families. Each featured provider is personally reviewed and recommended.

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Drug use has escalated to an alarming rate in the past years, with teens at higher risk of getting involved in drug abuse. In fact, a study facilitated by Columbia University's National Center on

Health & Fitness> Drug Abuse l 2 years ago

When you have discovered that you have a problem with drugs, what you do next invariably can determine whether or not you get clean. In the world of addiction and counseling we call these steps

Health & Fitness> Drug Abuse l 2 years ago

Alcohol is perhaps one of the most pervasive, dangerous drugs in the United States. In fact you can even say that alcohol is the single most destructive drug in the world yet it remains firmly

Health & Fitness> Drug Abuse l 2 years ago

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