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Norma Jean Lutz

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Veteran published author, Norma Jean Lutz, author of over 50 published books as well as hundreds of articles and short stories, is a popular workshop and writer conference instructor. Her expertise in the field of novel writing is stellar. Not only does she enjoy writing novels, she also enjoys reaching out to give a helping hand to up-and-coming novelists who are trying to find their way.

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How many ways are there to plot a novel? Probably as many ways as there are novelists. We are all such individualists. However, it is fun to learn from one another.

Writing & Speaking> Writing l 2 years ago

To write a story, or to convey a message (in a novel), that is the question. But most beginning novelist will flare up and recoil at such a question. Why? Because they are confident that it can be

Writing & Speaking> Writing l 2 years ago

..."talent" is what people say you have after you have worked like h--- for years to improve yourself." - Jack Bickham. My fellow Okie, and master storyteller, the late Jack Bickham clearly sliced it

Writing & Speaking> Writing l 2 years ago

Whatever happened to your dreams of becoming a novelist? The beautiful Disney song (remember -from Pinocchio?) told us (promised us) when we were children that if we wished upon a star our dreams

Writing & Speaking> Writing l 2 years ago

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